"Just wanted to tell you all 'Thank You' for making our visit on Saturday extremely special! I'm ecstatic about the wedding ring you helped me choose! It is beautiful, and soooooo unique and special! I feel I've got a lovely variety of beautiful rings to wear. Quite interesting, because traditionally I'm not really a "jewelery person".........I've surprised myself......what is even funnier, is that I told myself I was just going to add a wedding band, and now that I've been there and looked again, there are more pieces I want to purchase.....you've created a monster!! I'll bet I'm not alone either! I'm sure your customers are very loyal! Enjoy your day, I'm enjoying my lovely rings and smiling every time I think about your wonderful store!"

Laura R

"I just wanted to say thank you for your assistance in helping my fiance pick the perfect engagement ring! Cody (Conner) went to you last December with some 'ideas' from me and you guided him the right direction. He asked me to marry him shortly after he bought the ring, but I never got around to thanking you. The ring is perfect!! You and he did an amazing job :) He also raved about how kind you were during the process. I hope you are having a wonderful spring. Thanks again!"

Michelle R

"I am writing to tell you how much I absolutely love the ring my fiancee, Chris, bought from you. It's the one with the small flowers, and although I gave him ideas of a few that I liked, I am so glad he picked this one. It's even prettier in person and it is just the low profile I was looking for. I wouldn't love Chris any less if he had proposed with a ring pop, but this is a ring I will treasure forever and will look forward to passing it down to my children, etc. some day. Thank you again for your time and for having such a wonderful collection with affordable options."

Emily P

"I received my ring today and it is absolutely lovely, I have already placed an order for another! Thanks so much for the beautiful ring!"

Donna P

"I ordered my ring from you last week and received it today. Just like you predicted, I'm thrilled! It's even more delicate than I thought, I love it. The sapphires are bright and sparkly and the colour is gorgeous. It's the perfect present! I also wanted to tell you how nice I thought you were when we spoke on the phone. You were very patient and kind with me!"

Roxane P

"The ring you sold me is absolutely gorgeous and the center of attention every time I look at it. Thank you for the lay-a-way plan that made it possible for me to purchase the ring, I absolutely love it thank you again. The ring you sold me also came with some sincere advice about life and believing in yourself and believing you are worthy of the best. It is heartwarming to know that there are people in this world that are kind enough to extend their kindness to you. In life sometimes you say things to people and not know how much of an impact your words can have on a person's life. Thank you for the advice and sincerely hope that you receive many blessings in return."

Leslie V

"I want to tell you how much I LOVE my rings. My c.1880 Victorian engagement ring is beautiful! I've been wearing the ring for about 3 weeks now and I continue to get wonderful compliments about how beautiful my ring is. We are getting married in August and are equally excited about our Civil War-era wedding bands! Thank you so much for all your help..."

Mela R

"The ring is as gorgeous as I'd imagined in person. I'm definitely happy with it and will love wearing it for the rest of my life. Thank you for being so helpful in this."

Rachel G

"My first order just showed up and I love it... It's everything that I was hoping that it'd be. I also really liked the boxes that it came in. Everything is very high quality! Thank you!"

Mary W

"I got the ring a few days ago, and my fiancee and I think it's probably the most beautiful ring we have ever seen. I LOVE it! You were right, it doesn't go with the ring from his grandma, but I will wear that one on another hand. The one I bought from you can stand alone, it's so beautiful. Thank you so much for your help and advice. If I know of anyone looking for jewelry, I will let them know about you."

Leah B

"We got the rings at the weekend. Thank you, they are gorgeous! I have a square princess cut .5 carat ring and it fit beautifully inside the two rings. Thanks again for your help and patience!"


"I just wanted to thank you for carrying such a unique, lovely ring! You were right-it's even nicer in person. My fiance and I are very happy with the ring and look forward to many years of enjoying it!"

Courtney B

"I wrote you a couple months ago about a ring that had been sold. I cried my eyes out when I discovered I couldn't look at it online anymore and that it was gone forever. (It made me so happy just looking at it all the time!) Your pictures are the most professional online, by the way, very detailed. When he took this little green box out of the sewing bench we had just purchased at an antique shop, I didn't know what was happening. I thought he was playing a joke on me, but then I realized it was that ring that I fell in love with just sitting there in my lap! I cried for ten minutes straight! Needless to say I am the happiest girl in the world! Thank you for going along with the surprise. He knew I couldn't let go of that ring without contacting you and making sure it was gone. So funny! This is a beautiful story and will be a memory in our lives."

Rozalyn L

"A while back I purchased a gorgeous wedding band from you. My fiance and I looked at this ring for a few months and couldn't find anything more beautiful and perfect, except for the size. I purchased it from you anyway, as you and I discussed the possibility of stretching it a size. I just wanted you to know that it worked. My jeweler carefully stretched it to a size 8. We just love the ring so much, Marlene. It is completely perfect. And you were a wonderful gift to us as well. You are such a sweetheart to work with. I want to thank you so very much for the beautiful addition to our family (it will be an heirloom) and for your kindness and assistance. You are a gem!"

Lisa P

"A jewelry designer and historian, Marlene buys antique and estate jewelry and sells them for unbeatable prices in her little lace and paisley shop (formally a chicken coop). Marlene herself is no-nonsense: she won't sell engagement rings to men shopping without their fiances-to-be and she wants to know exactly how much you're looking to spend before she shows you anything. But don't be deterred by her sometimes-brusque attitude; she'll give you great personal attention and make you feel like you're the only one there. (The Saturday I was at her shop there were six of us from all over the Pittsburgh area, numerous phone calls for internet orders, and a couple on the phone looking for directions from Erie, PA!)"

Julina G

"I got the ring about a week ago. It's beautiful! thank you for all your help. You were very helpful in all phases of my purchase. You have an outstanding staff. Thanks again."

Daniel A

"I'm afraid I haven't had time to call and thank you for everything, but I wanted you to know that you have definitely found a customer for life! Everything is just wonderful the pins are perfect and the rings are absolutely beautiful! Thank you again for the advice and I look forward to purchasing from you in the future!"

Robyn K

"My two rings arrived yesterday and they are gorgeous! Thank you again so much - I am beyond thrilled!!"

Jenny B

"I wanted to thank you enormously for helping me with my wedding band purchase! You were right -- I absolutely fell in love with the wedding band as soon as I saw it and tried it on, and am thrilled to have it. I appreciate you taking the time to advise my choice, and for sending it so quickly. I'll be sure to recommend you to everyone I know. Thank you!"

Nikki B

"I just want to thank you for all your help in my purchase of my wedding band. It was more beautiful than I expected! We are thrilled with the service and quality you have given us and will definitely keep you in mind for future purchases."

Carla W

"I just wanted to thank you for everything. She absolutely loved the ring and thought it was beautiful. Once again, thank you so much."

Rich H

"I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart -- the ring is absolutely gorgeous and fits perfectly. I have received many compliments, and I just love it. It's the most beautiful ring. Love love love it. Thank you so much."

Alyson F

"She LOVED it! And she said yes, which was a nice bonus. = ) She has been browsing for bands to go along with her ring as well... you've helped make this a very special piece of our history!"

Justin P

"As you know I got the ring and loved it. You calling me the day I got it was awesome, you do not find that personal touch with service anymore. You made me feel that you loved the ring just as much as I do, and my fiance does now. Thank you so much!"

Peter S

"I wanted to thank you for a lovely visit to your store. Your welcoming presence made it a true pleasure. I look forward to seeing you next month when I pick up my ring!"

Kari S

"My story is one that is tearful, but with a happily ever after. My Mother passed away on Mother's Day 1999. She left both my sister and I her engagement rings. I received hers, and my sister my late Grandmother's. Last year, my home was broken into and the only thing missing was my Mom's engagement ring. My husband and I searched all the local pawn shops and jewelry stores without any luck. I became inconsolable. (Her rings were to be passed on to her Great Granddaughter). Then my dear husband started looking on the internet for antique engagement rings. He searched several sites and then came upon yours. He found a ring that was almost identical to my Mom's. He showed it to me, and I nearly fainted! He told me to order it before someone else got it. Two weeks later, my beautiful ring arrived and I couldn't be more pleased! I get compliments on it wherever I go and of course, it will never leave my finger! Thank You Marlene for making one very sad lady smile again!"

Cindy C

"Yesterday I went along to the parcel depot to pick up my wedding ring and I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love it. It is a very beautiful ring, the size is perfect and it says exactly what I want it to say about my husband to be and I's relationship. I wanted to let you know that I found your website very accessible and easy to use. The photos of your jewellery are very clear, which was essential for me in making my choice as I was not able to visit your shop in person. Your service was to a very high standard and I have received my ring (including being shipped to the UK) in the correct size within 4 weeks and well before my wedding date. Thank you again for making my wedding ring experience so enjoyable and I will definitely be visiting your website again for future jewellery treats and will recommend you to friends."

Helen L

"Thank you SO MUCH for everything you've done to get me the wedding ring I wanted. I just got it yesterday. It is perfect and so beautiful, I got teary-eyed! Thanks again!"

Heather O

"I just wanted to let you know that I received the rings and they are even more beautiful than I could have even imagined!! They look as if they were made to fit my engagement ring and I am so glad that I found them on your site. You and your staff (Torin is the best!) have been absolutely wonderful and extremely helpful from day one and I am thrilled to have found wedding bands that make this family heirloom engagement ring my own without taking away from it. And you were right two curved bands is definitely the way to go. I have been telling everyone I know about your store and everyone who sees these bands are just blown away!! Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. I can't wait to send you pictures! "

Ashley R

"We received the ring today and love it. My fiancee is very happy and can't wait to wear it. Thanks for all of your help."

Rebecca G

"I wanted to let you know that I received my ring today. I AM SO THRILLED. It is much nicer that I thought that it would be. I also wanted to let you know that this has been a pleasurable experience form start to finish ~ such class. I will recommend your treasures and services to my friends and family. I hope to do business with you in the future."

Justine H

"My ring arrived yesterday. I LOVE IT! It is absolutely gorgeous and it fits perfectly. I am so so happy :0) I want to thank you so much for recommending the ring to me and for giving me such great honest advice. I will be telling everyone to visit your website if they are looking for something extra special. We are getting married in October so now I have to wait patiently until then to wear it....its gonna be tough :0)"

Kerri W

"We wanted to thank you for all of your help last week picking out an engagement ring. Your store and collection is beautiful! You made us feel very comfortable and relaxed when selecting this important item. Thank you so much for giving us your blessing - it means so much! I will be sure to tell everyone I know what a welcoming and wonderful store you have."

Madeline & Zach

"We just wanted to thank you for making our experience of shopping for an engagement ring and wedding band a unique and special. We get so many compliments on the rings and always tell people where we got them!"

Emily & Ben

"I just wanted to drop you line to let you know that I received the beautiful wedding band today! WOW! That was speedy! I just love the ring and am so thrilled to have found you online. I will definitely recommend your site to everyone I know. By the way, it fits perfectly! Many thanks for your help. Have a lovely day."


"Dear Marlene, We've received many compliments on the rings and earrings we purchased from the Marlene Harris Collection! We've passed along information about your store in addition to mentioning how much David enjoyed his initial meeting with you when he selected my engagement ring. We have been very pleased with the quality my engagement ring and our wedding rings. We look forward to enjoying the rings purchased from your store for years to come. Thank you for your help in creating such special memories for us."

Heidi & David

"Hi Marlene, Just wanted to thank you for all the help with the ring. I have just picked it up from the depot (because I couldn't wait for them to deliver it!) It is absolutely gorgeous. Even more gorgeous than I had imagined! I will have to keep sneaking it on between now and the big day! I'm sure you will get lots more orders when my friends see it."


"Marlene, The ring arrived sooner than promised. Thank you for you for the wonderful, prompt service We are very pleased with the ring. My Girlfriend and I have been talking about and looking for rings for a couple of months. We came across your web site and we had narrowed it down to about five rings, but we did not come to a decision. I decided to order a ring and try to make it as much of a surprise as possible considering that she knew I was going to propose. During the week it was getting sized and shipped to me we didn't talk much about the ring. I think I said we would order a ring on Thursday (the day after I was planning to propose) when she brought up the topic. The ring arrived on Tuesday and I was planning to propose on Wed. My fiancee sent me an email Tuesday night, saying 'I like this one best' with a picture of a ring from your collection. As it happens it was the one that I had ordered. After dinner on Wed. I got down on one knee with the ring in hand and proposed. She was surprised. There is a beautiful antique wedding band in you collection that I will suggest to her. Again thank you for your assistance and I would highly recommend your collection to anyone that was looking for an engagement ring."


"Hi Marlene, We are engaged! Liz and I wanted to send you a quick message expressing our thanks for helping us find the most beautiful engagement ring. In the beginning stages of looking at rings, Liz kept saying that she wasn't really into them, but she can't keep her eyes off of hers now that it is on her hand. She and all of her friends absolutely love it and I am so happy we found it on your website. Thank you again for being such a huge part of our lives and our wedding story. All our best,"

Clay and Liz

"Hi Marlene, I wanted to let you know that I received my ring on Friday and I just love it! The size 4 fits perfectly. Thank you so much for your timely shipping and processing of my order. I love to show off my ring and you can be assured that I will promote your site and rave about the beautiful jewelry that you offer and also talk up the very affordable pricing . Your selection of jewelry is better than any jewelry store around my area. There is absolutely no comparison on the selection, pricing or customer service. You definitely win, hands down! Thanks again!"


"Marlene: The ring was waiting for me when I arrived back in Afghanistan. It is absolutely lovely! I love it and I know she will too! Thank you so much for your help and persistence."


"Marlene, I wanted to email you and let you know how pleased I am with our purchase on my engagement ring. I love the ring!!! Buying online, I was a little skeptical but you have done such a great job making my fianc and I feel like we were your only customers. I have worked in customer service/sales for the last 11 years and the customer service we got from your store was a 10 in my book. Something that lacks almost everywhere you go. I have already told my fianc that we must make it a point to come to PA just to come to your store. We both love antiques and would love to meet you in person. You made this special time in our lives all the more special. We thank you for being a part of our new lives together. Again, thank you."


"My son couldn't stand it - he showed it to his girlfriend today - She absolutely thinks the ring is Awesome! And she said - it's actually better in person than online.... Thanks so much - I would love to come up and look at all your pretties!!! I want to see what YOU wear! Sincerely,"


"Marlene, Thank you for your wonderful earrings, and of course, gorgeous rings. We love our visits with you, the unique guidance and expertise you offer, and your amazing collection. We adore you and so appreciate your offerings."

Molly & Jeff

"Dear Marlene, I just had to let you know how I appreciate the personal touch you have with your business & your patrons. I ordered a vintage 14k wedding band, you shipped, I didn't fall in love with it. You very graciously took it back & sent me another. It is absolutely FABULOUS!! I chased down the UPS man this morning & ripped open the package! This ring was made for me. It is faceted & sparkles, I have already been complimented on it after wearing it 15 minutes. I LOVE LOVE it! Thanks for your fair prices & kind disposition. I will shop you again!"

Cathy in Oklahoma

"Hello, First I would like to say thank you for delivering my ring on time and in tip-top condition. My girlfriend is very happy with her ring and the fit is great. Thanks again for all of your help."


"Good Morning Marlene, The mounting is a keeper! You really called it, I just love everything about it so much. We took it to the jeweler in St. Augustine on Saturday, and he set the diamond perfectly! It looks so awesome, and is just what I wanted. Thanks again, Marlene - it was fun to meet you and really appreciate your help with this important personal experience of finding the right engagement ring to wear forever and always."


"Marlene, I received my beautiful ring safely here in Okinawa. It is gorgeous and reminds me so much of my grandmothers ring which was my goal. Your service has been more than perfect. When I called you a few weeks ago to place the order I was so impressed with your hospitality and personal service. I feel like I received far better service than if I'd have gone into a jewelry store and had face to face service. I couldn't be happier with my ring and with the service you have provided. Who would have thought I could have accomplished this purchase from my living room here in Okinawa. Thank you so very much."


"Got the rings, Marlene. They look great, very classy. Thank you for the prompt shipping and excellent customer service. Jessica is insanely excited about the rings."


"Dear Marlene, It's here!!! It arrived yesterday, he proposed last night, the ring is on my finger, and it's PERFECT! I adore it!!! It's so very beautiful, and it is just exactly right for me. I adore you for your help. Thank you!!! You are a dear and special part of our story now. I'll be in touch later about the wedding band(s). Kindly, and with a long-distance hug,"


"dear Marlene, i wanted to let you know (although i am sure you have already checked the tracking history) that i received the platinum wedding band last week. my fiance and i love it. thank you so much for the care and time that you put into this sell. Sincerely,"

Leslie and John

" Hi Marlene, I ordered a set of curved wedding bands from you a couple of months ago. I wanted to tell you how beautiful they are and what a special touch they added to my engagement ring. Thank you so much! Sincerely,"


"Thanks so much Marlene. You were such a pleasure to talk with today and to buy my wedding ring from! I love *everything* on your site, especially what I purchased today. I'm sure I'll be a repeat customer! Take care and call if you need anything further from me. I look forward to wearing my ring for the rest of my life!"


"Marlene, I told my friend of the good service and pricing and now he is just running around and checking locally and then with you online. my review is below: The Marlene Harris Collection has an amazing variety of unique jewelry to fit nearly anyone's taste, especially if you are looking for something different from other mainstream stores. Marlene is honest and helpful and wants to assist your purchase in the best way she can. Listening to her and trusting her advice and judgment was a wonderful decision to make. The ring arrived quickly and in wonderful condition. It is sparkling beautifully now on my fiance's finger, and she loves it! Thank you Marlene!"


"Marlene, The ring is beautiful and exactly what I hoped for! I have it at my jeweler getting appraised for insurance then sized and inscribed. I really am glad I stumbled onto your website. I had looked at all the rings at my jeweler's and nothing struck me. They could have custom made a ring for me but it could have cost 2-3 times what I paid for the ring I wanted."


"Dear Marlene, The sapphire engagement ring and 'matching' wedding bands arrived this morning. They are exactly what I imagined them to be: perfectly beautiful! I knew when you chose the wedding bands that the finished look would be exquisite. I'm looking forward to Oct. 24th when I can wear all three rings together. It was my pleasure to work with you! Best wishes to you and your family. Thank you for everything! Sincerely,"


"Hey Marlene, I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you that I just love the ring and thank you for the wonderful customer service. It truly was a pleasure doing business with you. Sincerely,"


"Marlene herself, answers the phone; not an operator. My question was answered and because of that I purchased my rings. They were sized perfectly and when I opened the box I was blown away at their perfection. I wear an eternity ring between them. Thanks for the quality merchandise and service. Highly recommend."


"After months of research and looking around we finally found a beautiful wedding ring to match the shape and style of Erin's 30s era engagement ring! The catch? There were several possible rings and they were all in Pittsburgh! so we piled in the car with Erin's mother, told Ben's parents to meet us and headed out to Pitt for a blast of a road trip and an even better weekend. The high point of which was, without a doubt, meeting Marlene. Now into her 70s but Marlene continues to run an unparalleled estate and recreation jewelry boutique, out of what she says used to be a chicken coup, on the outskirts of Pittsburgh. The charm of her store is only outdone by Marlene and her fantastic tulip coat. What a blast we had talking to her and getting her help in picking out just the right band."


"Marlene, Thank you very much for helping me to make this gift something special for my wife. I just tracked where the ring is and I'm sure that it will have no problems getting to Serena on time. I just wish that I could be there when she opens it. I know that she'll absolutely love it. Thanks to technology (webcams) I'll get to see her reaction when she opens it up. I'm sure that it's everything that I wanted it to be for her."


"Hello Marlene, I received the ring and do love it! It's much bigger (the moonstone) than I had expected actually, but it fits perfectly."


"Hi again, The necklace just arrived, I can now go home and start my Christmas holidays. It also looks really amazing and will really compliment the ring. Thank you so very much for making it possible for me to provide these gifts for my girlfriend, I can not wait to see her open then, thanks again and have a Merry Christmas. Cheers,"


"I just received the ring which I recently purchased from your website. I must say, the picture on your site, of this ring (WB2147), does it no justice. Seeing it up close, I must say, it is a beautiful piece of jewelry. I am certain that my mother will be as blown away by it as I was. Thank you very much, I will be sure to spread the word... Sincerely,"


"Thank you Marlene! We got the ring in time and it is beautiful! perfect! I wish you the best!"


"Hi Marlene, We wanted to let you know that the rings arrived and they are beautiful and fit nicely. We took your tip and went to the Phipps Conservatory while in Pittsburgh and it was wonderful. Thanks for the great info and your wonderful service while we were in town. I am sure we will be seeing you again. Sincerely,"

Cathy and Dave

"Hello Marlene-- I just wanted to let you know that I received the ring and everything worked out great. I loved the design and better yet, my girlfriend loved it even more. She was also interested in the wedding bands that go with it. Thanks again for all of your help. Have a great holiday season."


"Hi Marlene, The ring arrived on Friday. It is a real beauty! Thank you for being so prompt with sending it out. The delivery process was seamless. I will recommend your services to my friends who may be looking for a beautiful ring. Kind regards,"


"Marlene, I have been a little busy being over here in Iraq. Serena absolutely loved the ring. I had to convince her that it was ok to wear everyday and that she didn't have to keep it in the box and only pull it out for special occasions. She now wears it (almost) everyday. I was a little worried that the stone might be too small, but after seeing it on her hand (thanks to web-cam) I think anything larger would have been too much for an everyday ring. Thank you again for everything,"


"Hi Marlene, I just wanted to let you know how much I love my beautiful engagement ring setting. I had been searching for months, and I never found anything that was this perfect for me. Thank you so much! Your shop is beautiful, and I can't wait to come back to get the wedding bands! Thanks again!"


"Hi Marlene, I just wanted to let you know that I got my wedding band today. It is so beautiful and exactly what I wanted. Thank you for all your help. It looks great with my solitaire, but I am just curious for future reference do you sell a matching semi mount in this style? That would be something I would be interested in a year or so down the road."


"Thanks, Marlene. You really are a wonder!! You have gone far beyond any anticipated level of professional service. I am very grateful. I will let you know when the package arrives."


"Thank you Marlene! The ring arrived a few minutes ago and it fits perfectly! I love how delicate and fine it is. And of course, the idea that some woman in the 1890's also loved it. Thanks for everything,"


"Hi Marlene, Your package arrived the other day. Thank you so much for your assistance. I will need to buy wedding rings in the near future and would like to buy them from you, so I will keep in touch. Regards,"


"Hi Marlene, I am so happy my stone will work with that setting! I am so excited to get it finished! That's all I thought about yesterday!"


"Good Morning Marlene! I want to thank you for the most beautiful ring! It's like it was MADE for my ring - they fit so perfectly together! I took it to my jeweler and he wants your info as a reference for his customers, as he was quite impressed! I can't thank you enough for your kindness and expertise in my quest for a wedding band. We are in awe that you were able to recommend the perfect ring just from the pictures I sent to you. It means so much to me to have the perfect ring, and you were able to provide that. I will recommend you to all of my friends and family who love antique jewelry as much as I do! You are doing such beautiful things for people! Thank you so much for making my special day, that much more special. Warmest Regards,"


"Dear Marlene, Im not going to pretend that I know much about jewelry, because I dont. What I do know is that my future wife LOVES her ring and shows it off to everyone she meets. It makes me feel so proud seeing her that happy. I could not have done it without you, I really couldnt. It is such a pleasure to deal with someone that whole heartily LOVES what they do and its apparent when youre interacting with your customers. I love my fiance very much and with your help, I was able to show her by giving her a ring that swept her off of her feet. I went into your shop desperate to find that perfect ring. I not only found that dream ring but I also found a friend! Thank you once again for ending my search and making my fiance so happy!"


"I love love love love love LOVE my ring! Thank yo so much Marlene. I can't wait for my wedding so I can wear it every day!"


"Marlene, Anthony in Iraq here. The ring is absolutely beautiful, very nice center stone as well. My lady is going to love it, and I think it is exactly what she wanted. Thank you so much. I will definitely be contacting you guys within the next few months about some matching wedding bands."


"Two years ago I spent hours on the computer with my boyfriend then Josh looking everywhere for the perfect antique style engagement ring we figured we'd have to order it out of state so finally i came across the perfect ring i was in love. It was everything i was looking for and more. I figured it was from another state and then i went to contact and saw it was in Pittsburgh, where we are from. then i knew it was truly fate We went up the next day and bought it Marlene was so helpful and sweet she made Josh and I feel like one of her own children and our daughter Arabella. I went back a few months later to get my ring sized and Marlene remembered My daughter's name. Now here we are 2years later a couple weeks away from Our wedding and we went to go get my wedding bands Which goes with my ring absolutely breath taking, My Rings looks like we spent thousand & thousands of dollars on but they were actually really affordable.. I get compliments on my rings every where we go. Marlene Harris is a very special women I will never forget her She is so knowledgeable she has such fine jewelery, true one of a kind pieces but not only that she knows that this is such a special time in your life and wants to make it perfect for you. All my Jewelery will be bought at The Marlene Harris Collection. Thank you so much Marlene!!"


"Dear Marlene, The antique estate pin P534 arrived just a few minutes ago. We are thrilled. It is even more beautiful than the picture. Now we have to wait for our very special daughter-in-law to visit......I am so anxious for her to see this truly lovely pin. I hope I don't wear it out admiring it. Thank you, so much,"


"Marlene, The rings arrived yesterday afternoon and they both fit perfectly. They looked beautiful too. I will recommend your website to anyone shopping for rings. Take care,"


"Just wanted to let you know I got my wedding band last night, and you were right...the pictures definitely didn't do it justice! It is the most gorgeous ring I've ever seen...and my fiance agrees. It fits perfectly, and I know I'll be getting tons of compliments on it. You made buying my ring a very pleasant experience, and you are a sweet sweet lady. I appreciate you making my experience so enjoyable. The presentation of the ring was just as beautiful as the ring. Believe me, I'll be referring my friends your way. Thank you again, for making a special time even more special!,"


"I just wanted to drop you a line to say I have received the wedding band and I could not be happier. It has truly exceeded my expectation and I am so happy it fits perfectly with my engagement ring and I think it looks like they were made for each other. Thank you so much for your help and emails. I will spread your name among my friend and family and hopefully you will get more business from this side of the world. Thank you so much again,"


"Marlene, I just wanted to let you know that Joey proposed this past Friday. My ring is even more beautiful than I remember it being that day we picked it out together! He let me know that you told him to make sure he got down on one knee when he asked me; he took your advice, and it was perfect. Thanks for everything and we can't wait to come in again to pick out my wedding band! Take care,"


"From the moment I walked into Ms. Harris's shop in Blawnox, I knew that my search for an engagement ring was over. Having combed through so called 'diamond districts' in both New York and Philadelphia I was unable to find anyone who had an adequate collection of vintage filigree rings. Thankfully, Ms. Harris's shop had such a beautiful and wide variety of these rings I had no trouble finding many rings that fit both my requirements and my budget. After choosing several rings that fit my criteria and price range, she helped assist me in selecting the one that would both hold up best over time as well as fit my fiance's personal taste. The most memorable part of the experience was the warm and caring atmosphere that Ms. Harris and her staff brought to this difficult process. THANK YOU!!!"


"I just received my ring today and wanted to let you know that it is absolutely gorgeous and I love it! It looks just like the one my Grandmother had. Thank you so much!"


"Dear Marlene, Thank you for helping me pick out two unique, very special rings and the pair of amethyst butterfly earrings on my recent trip to Pittsburgh. It was such a pleasure to see you, your husband and your beautiful shop again! I do wish I lived closer so I could stop by more often. With all best wishes"




"Dear Marlene, My fiance ordered a setting from you to put my grandmother's diamond in. It is one of your antique replicas. It is absolutely perfect!!! Even though it is brand new, it has the detail and beauty of an antique and does the 50 year old diamond perfect justice. Thank you so much! I cannot wait to order the matching wedding band and more!"


"Hi Marlene, I just picked up the mounting (it actually arrived yesterday but I was out of town) - so arrived very quickly!! LOVE IT!!! Can't get it off even though the diamond hasn't been set yet! Thanks so much and I really appreciate the careful packaging. Can't wait to see it all finished - the I think the diamond is going to look quite a bit bigger than I imagined! Many thanks"


"Dear Mary Joe and staff, Thank you for the prompt delivery of the antique wedding ring (WB2238) I ordered Tuesday of this week. It arrived today and I am so pleased. It is as delicate and beautiful in real life as it appeared on your web page. I know I will cherish it as I would have had it been passed on to me from my grandmother. Again, thank you for your expert service. Sincerely,"


"I'm in the Army, stationed in Germany. The ring got here quickly and in perfect shape. I took my girl to a castle on a hill over-looking a village. As the sun set, she looked out over the unfolding scenery. I knelt behind her and called her name. She turned around and I asked her 'Will you make me the happiest man in the world?' I waited for a minute and awkwardly said 'Well...?' 'You haven't asked me anything yet!' she replied, with a huge smile on her face. She was so transfixed with the ring she hadn't even heard me. I repeated myself and she responded with 'Duh! I mean... Yes!' All said, she loves the ring and it'll be a great story later on. My friend snapped a picture at the perfect moment =) Thanks for helping me make this a magic moment in my life with the woman I will spend the rest of it with"


"wooooo hooooo! It is here, just arrived they are going to love it! It is just like you said. More beautiful than the pic. Thanks, I wouldn't forget you!"


"Marlene, I just got the ring yesterday and I love it! It's beautiful! Thank you so, so much for putting the rush order in. Next week is something we have been waiting for for a long, long time (since around 97') and it is finally here. It's a complicated story, trust me, but it's a good one. Anyway, thanks again for everything and have a fantastic day!"


"hello. I bought a ring from you earlier this year and have been meaning to write you about it for some time now.I'm curious if you remember any of the history of this ring.we've been engaged for a few months now and she'll still look at her hand and say... this is seriously the coolest ring ever made. I just wish we knew more about it. please email or call if you have a record of it or can remember anything about it. thank you again... obviously it went over pretty well..."


"Dear Marlene, I just wanted to say a big thank you and show some appreciation for your lovely work. My husband and I purchased my wedding band from you a while ago but I only got to see it a week before the wedding as a friend brought it over from the US. I am so pleased with my ring, it is both beautiful and unique. Many thanks,"


"Marlene, I wanted to thank you for encouraging me to do this. I absolutely love my ring. It is unique and perfectly designed. I also attached a picture for you to see the finished product. Thanks again,"


"Marlene, Just wanted to drop off a quick thank you - the ring is gorgeous. I just received it today. I am so happy this turned out for the best, thank you for your help, effort, support, and also for the great deal on a beautiful wedding set! Take Care,"


"Marlene, The ring just arrived. As you said, it is beautiful. Please know, since my first phone call a couple months ago, my interaction with you and your colleagues has been like that of dear friends. I have appreciated the encouragement and advice along the way, especially as my knowledge about jewelry is limited, to say the least. I will most certainly be in touch with you over time, as well as recommend you to others. Thank you,"


"Marlene, I wanted to thank you for your help in buying a ring for my soon-to-be fiance! It is beautiful and I'm sure she will be happy. I discovered that my soon-to-be fiance appreciated the vintage/antique style of engagement ring. I have never seen rings that fit her description, especially in the normal retail jewelry stores. That is when I found Marlene's shop on the internet. I am really glad I did! I found an engagement/wedding band set that I know will put a smile on the face of my girlfriend. I'll admit that I was nervous buying a ring over the internet that I'd never seen - but Marlene put my mind at ease. Marlene was great to work with. She answered all of my questions, told me how the shipping process worked, and gave me an approximate arrival date. Everything happened as she said. I am very pleased with the service, the rings, and how she treats her customers. I'd definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a one-of-a-kind ring."


"Marlene, You probably understand that my statement about 'encouragement and advice along the way' went beyond jewelry. The statement covered the conversations you and I had, in regard to relationships and more. The way you conduct your business is such that it doesn't seem like one is making a transaction. Such is a good thing, especially in the line of business you are in. I appreciate that on many levels. You clearly have a love for what you do. It shows."


"Good morning Marlene, My band arrived yesterday afternoon and it's stunning! The fit is perfect and I love the tiny details, it's a shame I have to wait until September to wear it. Thank you again for all your help and patience. Blessed be!"


"Marlene, Just wanted to say an extra thank you for helping Joey and I. Not only did you help us pick out the perfect engagement ring for me, but the perfect matching bands for both of us as well. I can't wait for us to exchange them on our wedding day. There is no question we will always keep you in our hearts! We'll see you again closer to the wedding day to get the rings looking their best! Take Care,"


"Hi Marlene! I have really been enjoying my ring and absolutely luv, luv, luv it! thank you so much for the patience and care you took with us. We had a great time. I've been telling all my friends where I went, and I've led them to your website, so hopefully you will meet them soon. Take care, and I hope we meet again someday. Love,"


"Hi Marlene, I DO love the ring. Many thanks."


"I DO love the ring. Many thanks."


"Marlene, Thank you thank you thank you !!! The rings are beautiful !!!! Thank you so much. I am sure she will love hers too. Looking forward to doing business again with you soon !!"


"Marlene' It has been so nice dealing with you. If we are ever in the area we will be sure to drop by you in Pittsburgh. I am sure that it would be quite an experience. It looks so wonderful! We are so happy that there is a shop like yours and that we could find the rings that we feel comfortable with and can happily wear for the rest of our lives. Neither one of us will give up this marriage easily when 'for the worse' steps in, if it means throwing in the rings. So thank you again, Marlene. We wish you and your shop all the best with the the warmest regards and blessings,"

Lila and Gaute

"Dear Mrs. Harris, It was such a pleasure to meet you. What an extraordinary lady you are. Thank you so much for all the time you spent helping me find the perfect rings. You were right, and I love them, and so does John. I truly enjoyed myself and look forward to seeing you soon. Fondly,"


"Dear Marlene, The cuff links arrived yesterday and I collected them a short time ago. They are exquisite; certainly a little more unusual than the photographs reveal, very individualistic and I have imagined a whole quixotic provenance for them. You have a new client and I expect we will chat again very soon about relocating another one of your treasures to Sydney. Warm regards,"


"Dear Marlene, The diamond band ring arrived yesterday evening and I am very pleased! The stones are of good color and quality and the size is perfect. Thank you for all your efforts in making this happen. I do appreciate it. Sincerely,"


"Hello, The wedding bands have both arrived safely in Norway and I have to tell you we were thrilled:) They were everything we expected. My fiancee needed to have his his ring expanded with one size for comfort and he as been very happy with it since he got it back. I suppose a broader ring needs to be a bit bigger. By the way, thank you for suggesting that I order the twin band slightly wider - it fits perfectly. I will make sure to recommend your shop!"


"Dear Marlene, We went to pick up the rings from the post office today. They fit! They are lovely! We are really happy! Thank you so much for everything! With kind regards,"


"Thank you so much Marlene it means a lot to me that somebody I've never met sees how much love I have for her, thank you for the kind words and being understanding about everything, thank you so much!"


"Dear Marlene, The rings arrived today and they are beautiful! They work perfectly with my engagement ring and are in amazing condition. Thank you for your patience and courtesy over the last month. All the best,"


"Band of Love Anyone who knows me, knows that although I am not hard to please, in the things that matter to me, I am particular. When my husband and I were planning our wedding 38 years ago, I looked at hundreds of wedding bands. There were all nice, but none of them conveyed the message of love that I was looking for in my wedding band. This band was not just a ring to me. It was a symbol of the love that George and I shared. I wanted a band that reminded me every day of the eternal love we were pledging to each other. When I found a band made of roses, I knew that I had found my wedding band. Pink gold roses and green gold leaves in a never-ending circle. How perfect. It was my symbol of love in bloom. I had found my wedding band. Over the years of having children, raising children then becoming a grandmother, many things changed in my life. The love I have for my family have remained the same.. and every time I looked at my wedding band I would always get the same feeling of contentment.. That my band was as unique and different as the day we purchased it.. I still loved it as much now as I did then. Although my wedding band was a minute size, I could somehow squeeze my finger in it. but because it was not that comfortable any longer I put it in a jewelry box, except on rare occasions, still always a symbol of love. Just as touching as the day it was purchased. During one of our winter trips to Florida, my oldest daughter called to tell me that she was having a gold party. The type of party where you bring in old gold jewelry to sell to a gold buyer. She asked me if I had any old gold items that I wanted to sell. In fact I did have a few things that she could take to her party and told her about some old jewelry pieces I had in my jewelry box that she could take. As luck would have it, forgetting it was my wedding band, and because it was such a small size she thought, who in the good Lords name would this fit. she accidentally took the band and sold it. Shortly after returning home, I was working when a gentlemen approached me asking me out, I explained to him I was married. He took my hand and said 'No you're not.' I started laughing and told him yes I was. This went on for a few weeks, finally I said OMG I have to put my wedding band on, I can't convince this gentlemen I truly was married. I rushed home in search of my wedding band and starting to panic. When I realized it was missing.. My heart stopped, so I asked my daughter if she had seen it. I thought there was no way she sold it. She felt terrible about not realizing that it was in fact my wedding band, and how much it meant to me. We both tried to get it back from the gold buyer but it was too late. I have been searching on and off for the past few years in stores, web sites, vintages boutiques, etc. for this truly exquisite band. It is so different. 38 yrs ago I thought it was a charming and stunning and those feelings still hold true today. To my surprise I found it online at Marlene Harris. She has an amazing site with exquisite jewelry, one of these days I would love to get to meet her in person. She is such a charming, accommodating person, it truly was fate that I found Marlene Harris with my band. As I failed to mention from the beginning this particular band cannot be sized. It has to be ordered in the proper size. An almost impossible feat when you have the fingers of a baby. It is the perfect band of love, and I am so happy to be getting it back. Thank you Marlene for being such a warm person.I would not hesitate to purchase any future jewelry from your establishment. God Bless you and again thank you Warmly,"


"Dear Marlene, The rings arrived today and they are beautiful! They work perfectly with my engagement ring and are in amazing condition. Thank you for your patience and courtesy over the last month. All best,"


"Hi Marlene, We received the rings yesterday, we've been on holiday so that's why it took so long. They're absolutely perfect. Thanks so much"


"To Marlene, Just wanted to let you know I got my ring and it works perfectly. Thanks!"


"Hello Marlene, I just wanted to let you know that my ring arrived on time and I am over the moon with how gorgeous it is. I can not stop looking at it. I love it more then when I actually picked it out. Thank you so much for your time and advice while we choose the perfect ring. I love knowing that my ring is unique and it fits my personality very well. I am so happy I waited to get exactly what I wanted instead of rushing ahead. I never would have found your store if I had rushed. I am sure that when the time comes we will be in contact with you to purchase a wedding band. Thank you once again for making this such a pleasant experience for me and my husband. Sincerely,"


"I received the ring and it is gorgeous. I like it a lot. Thanks for all the help. I'm sure my (soon to be) fiancee will love it. Awesome, thanks again!"


"My boyfriend and I had been together for three years when he decided to ask me to marry him. We both had been through a run of horrible health problems over the past few years, between the two of us we had, had a total of seven surgeries. We stuck by each other and help one another out when one was down. That is just what you are supposed to do when you love someone. He proposed without a ring, he wanted me to chose something that I would love forever. We had been to many different main stream jewelry stores and I started noticing that every ring we saw was the same as the next and the financing was outrageous. I starting looking online and typed 'antique vintage engagement rings' and narrowed my search to something local and I found Marlene. This was the beginning of the next six months.... We walked into her beautiful little shop which almost has as much personality as this wonderful woman who was waiting patiently behind her counter. We introduced our self's as she did as well and we began going through rings I had chosen through her website. She asked so many questions, this was something I was not used to in going to a jewelry store... she truly wanted us to have something that was perfect for us. After an hour of narrowing it down to four or five engagement rings she asked me to put them on and step outside to see how they looked in true sun lighting. I was confused to say the least, I've have never had anyone at any establishment want me to be so pleased with their product and to be so trusting.We were sold, we fell in love with a ring and this woman :) After choosing the perfect ring for us Sean asked about financing, and she explained that she does a Lay-a-way program instead, which for us was wonderful. One less credit expense in this day and age is absolutely wonderful. So we started our payment and had three months to pay the rest down before we had our ring, which is completely reasonable. A month or so later I ended up in the hospital AGAIN... Sean did everything he could to help me since I live on my own and am a full time student. He payed my bills, bought my medicine (I have no prescription insurance) and bought and prepared my food, which in turn meant no money for my ring. I was devastated thinking I was going to lose my perfect ring. Sean contacted Marlene and she let him know that everything was fine and he could just give her whatever he could even if it was $20. After working with many businesses while I was ill, I was not expecting anyone to be as understanding and caring as she was. She actually called Sean a while later, not to see where the next payment was but to see how I was recovering... I don't remember my electric or car company doing that ;) After being ill on and off for months and Sean having health related problems of his own, we had far surpassed our three month time limit, we had finally gotten our act together. August 1st 2012, we picked up our ring, payed off and on my finger. Marlene told Sean to 'do it right' :) on his knees and all, while her and her husband were in witness. One of my top memorable days. I will never forget Marlene and all that she has done for us, she is one of the most kindest, sweetest souls I have been lucky enough to meet. I feel blessed to have her been part of my life and I hope others get a chance to experience the same, she truly one of a kind and I sincerely wish nothing but wonderful things for her, she deserves it :) Lots of Love Marlene! and thank you for everything you have done for us, you have no idea how much it has meant to us to finally have someone treat us the way that you did."

Angela and Sean

"The one word I would like to say about Marlene is Amazing. She is an amazing businesswoman, jewel lover, great observer and above all a beautiful soul. As per my fiance, the two people you can never believe are Insurance agent and Jeweler. But the moment we saw her tiny shop and she smiling besides her counter, we knew we are at the right place. She made sure that we like the ring we are gonna wear for life, asked us to check the real color in sunlight, patiently made us wear the same ring again and again until we were sure. The warmth of her soul makes you believe you can rely on her for one of the most difficult decisions of lifetime. Don't know how but Marlene knew our taste exactly and showed a few of her beautiful rings that she thought might be apt for me. I cannot explain the beauty and charm that ring holds. Its unique, antique, and has a flair of Marlene's warm personality. I wont say its hard to please Sandip, but yes, we are just fascinated by Marlene, her shop, her collection, her love for jewels. It is a treat for your eyes to see this zeal and love in one woman, surrounded by something she truly loves and makes everyone love it too. Now I know my lifetime gifts are going to come from her. We ended up buying wedding rings for both of us, though we dint have thought of it by that time. Thank you Marlene for keeping this beautiful ring in your safe for all these years until I and Sandip came. This is for sure the most beautiful thing I have ever had in my life, next would surely be my daughter :) Finally I found something matching my personality and my culture.Love you. Stay blessed!! See you soon :-)"

Deepika and Sandip

"Marlene, I just want to thank you for all your help. We just got the ring and I can not begin to explain how beautiful it is. You have an amazing collection and working with you was a great experience. We will def be in contact to purchase our bands. You have made me a very happy girl."


"Hi Marlene As of 15 minutes ago the most stunning, glorious, amazing and awesome earrings I have ever seen for non-pierced ears came into my possession! When I got home from school, there was a card in the letter box saying there was a parcel for me at the little local Post Office. I just got home from there and can't believe how beautifully stylish and shiny the earrings are. They looked great on your website but are absolutely fantastic in reality.I am going out tonight for dinner with a few fellow teachers and can't wait to show off my amazing earrings. Thank you also Marlene for the extra trouble you took putting them in a cute gift box for me. Regards,"


"Marlene, I hope you are feeling better. I wanted you to know that Nanny LOVED the pearls. Many, many thanks for recommending them to me and even more so for being so accommodating regarding the ring. Best wishes always,"


"Dear Ms. Harris: I just received my ring and it's so beautiful! It also fits perfectly so I won't need to send it back for resizing. Thank you so much for handling everything so nicely for me (waiting for me contact you again when I got back into town and sending it right away when I called you). It was so nice working with you and I will definitely recommend your business to others. Very truly yours,"


"As our 10 year wedding anniversary approached I wanted to get an anniversary band. I had researched conflict-free diamonds, as my current understanding of the traditional diamond industry left me very uncomfortable supporting that which can cause great harm to both innocent people and the environment. After reading an article regarding conflict-free diamonds and green options for wedding bands, I read about the option of buying vintage diamond bands and I knew it was the option for me! I researched and looked high and low and even bought a vintage ring from a well-established and fancy on-line jewelry store which offered both conflict-free and vintage/estate jewelry. The ring was beautiful but did not look right with my wedding set so it was returned. Terribly disheartened I even tried to convince myself to like some other rings on this first company's site. One day I googled 'Vintage Rings' and happened upon the MARLENE HARRIS COLLECTION! I was amazed at her beautiful collection spanning a great many decades and her more than reasonable prices, which were much fairer than my first experience. I found my anniversary band and I just knew it! I emailed Marlene for additional information and explained my situation, as I was out of state and could not travel to see her rings. Marlene emailed me back the next day and answered all my questions and concerns. After speaking to her, we decided to have it re-sized and rhodium platted and if I was at all dissatisfied I could return it. I almost fell over when I opened the box. It was even more beautiful than I anticipated. My husband even said what a great job I did and loves the ring too! Marlene has a true treasure of various style and price options and clearly takes great pride in getting the right ring in the right person's hands. I appreciated her professional opinion, her willingness to share her expertise, and I would highly recommend taking a close look at what she has to offer. In my opinion, these rings offer both a green and very romantic alternative. Thank you Marlene for making this such an easy and fun process! It has added to the joy of this special anniversary. I would easily give 5 out of 5 stars to the Marlene Harris Collection."


"Nathan and I know we are meant for each other and have for some time. We both grew up in Pennsylvania and met in Tucson, AZ where we currently live. Several months ago we started searching for an engagement ring. I wanted something different, special, and an antique ring. I like the idea of honoring the tradition of marriage by honoring an object from the past. Our search in Tucson and the surrounding area proved fruitless as none of the rings we found resonated with me. While searching out antique rings on the internet I came across Marlene's website. I remembered having driven past her shop in Blawnox when I lived in Pittsburgh and wished we could look there. As time passed we looked less and less frequently and also Nathan had yet to propose! Nathan and I traveled to my hometown in Pennsylvania this August to celebrate 60 years of marriage for my grandparents. At dinner, unbeknownst to me, he informed my father of his intentions to marry me. Later that evening we took a stroll along French Creek. During a light rain we took shelter under a tree. He completely surprised me when he asked me to marry him! It couldn't have been more perfect and I knew immediately where we would find the perfect ring. When I called Marlene before heading to her shop you could hear her excitement for us over the phone. When we arrived Marlene asked all the right questions to help us find the ring that matched our needs. She spent a lot of time with us and relayed stories of the newly engaged couples that came before us. She is really passionate about helping people find the right ring. Marlene is so knowledgeable about everything jewelry and she is no question the must-see jeweler for antique rings! Not only did she provide us with a ring but also an unforgettable experience and a memory to be treasured for a lifetime!"

Aimee and Nathan

"Dear Mrs. Harris: I wanted to thank-you for all of the time and help that you gave to me in my recent purchase of that lovely bracelet. I really meant it when I told you that you had made my day. Once again I do thank-you and I do look forward to doing business with you again and again. I have already picked out another one beside the bangle one and that one is the black onyx bracelet and it will go wonderfully with the earrings and pendant that I already have. My Best Regards To You,"


"Hi Marlene, I just wanted to thank you again for all of the help with picking out the perfect ring for my girlfriend (now fiancee)! She loves it! Your service was second to none, and I am definitely going to let my friends know about the best little jewelry shop in Pittsburgh. I'll be back again in the near future. Sincerely,"


"Hello! Recently, my fiance proposed to me with a Marlene Harris engagement ring. I can't begin to tell you how happy I am with it and how many wonderful compliments I have received. It truly is everything I could have asked for!"


"Dear Marlene The ring arrived yesterday afternoon, and I was extremely happy when I opened the box. It is exactly what I wanted to be the perfect 'finishing touch' for my sapphire wedding band and diamond and sapphire engagement rings that I designed. All of your wedding bands are beautiful, but I kept coming back to this one, and I was right. It's exquisitely delicate, and I love it. I enjoyed talking to you when I ordered my ring."


"Hi Received the pendant. It is beautiful! Thank you very much and for your excellent communication. Made the decision easier to trust in purchasing! Again thanks!!"


"Sometimes people come into your life for a specific reason. I truly believe my grandmother led me to Marlene. I was heartbroken after losing my grandmothers wedding ring, a gift given to me by mother the day we went wedding dress shopping. It was supposed to be a reminder of my grandmother on that very important day. The ring was so unique I never thought I would find another. I was looking on Marlenes website for a wedding band of my own and to my surprise - I came across an identical ring! When I told my teary story, Marlene not only offered comfort but a plan to make sure that this identical ring would be back on my finger. Although lay-away would probably have been the more economical choice with Christmas coming, I had to have it immediately so Marlene offered to have it shipped the very next day. Guy Kawasaki said, The jewelry business is a very, very tough business tougher than the computer business. You truly have to understand how to take care of your customers. I truly want to thank you, Marlene, from the bottom of my heart for taking care of me. When I look at my ring, I will think of all the wonderful times with my grandmother and now you, too."


"Dear Marlene, Just to let you know that my wedding ring arrived safe and sound. It looks exactly how I hoped it would look and fits perfectly. Thank you so much for all of your help."


"Hi Marlene, I got it yesterday and love it :) Thanks again."


"Mrs. Harris: I know you are not at your shop now, but before I go to bed I just had to tell you that your breathtaking bracelet arrived around 8 pm tonight. I just keep looing at it and thinking OH My God!!! I cannot believe this is mine...Now that is what I call drop dead gorgeous.. I still cannot believe it is mine. IT is the prettiest thing that I have ever seen. I dont think I will wear it like one would wear it like a tennis bracelet; it is too classy. This is what I call a endless stylish piece and I do thank-you so very much...I am not kidding when I say that I have never seen anything like this and I am sure I wont see anything like this now or in the future. This is what I would call one of a kind, as well as, top shelf jewelry. What a great item to wear on Christmas day. One again I do thank-you soooooooooooooooooo verrrrrrrrrrrrry veryyyyyyyyyyyyyy much. I will call you in the morning. If I could I would give you the biggest Texas hug for all the trouble that you went to and to say how much I love it. Hugs to you"


"Thanks so much. The ring arrived today! I can't believe how quick that was. As unsaid before, customer for life."


"Good afternoon Marlene, I just wanted to let you know that I received the rings from UPS about 20 mins ago. And I am absolutley thrilled with them. They are beautiful. I want to thank you for all your help, your service in dealing with me is fantastic, and look forward to contacting you again in January to order another ring from you."


"Marlene I received the beautiful ring I ordered it IS exquisite! Since I wanted it to fit my pinkie, you suggested size 4 - you were spot on! Its perfect. Thank you so much so the quick turnaround!"


"Marlene, Thank you so much. It is beautiful and most importantly she loved it."


"I was so thrilled that we had found this band. I received this lovely band for Christmas from my husband. I enjoy looking at your collections on line. Have a wonderful New Year!"


"We first sought out Marlene's store because my fiancee wanted something unique, a ring that didn't look like everyone else's. Marlene had such a great selection of different rings, it was hard, but we picked the perfect one (at a great price too)! A few months later the ring was damaged in an accident. While my fiancee recovered in the hospital, I contacted Marlene about the ring. She went above and beyond to return the ring to it's original state, something we had originally thought to be impossible. Marlene was fantastic! If the quality and quantity of jewelry in her shop isn't enough, the genuine caring and customer service that she provides truly seals the deal. You will not get this kind of treatment in a chain jewelry store. We couldn't recommend her enough. Thank You"


"Dear Marlene, I am beyond thrilled with my gorgeous curved wedding bands which perfectly compliment my engagement ring, and I am so relieved to feel so confident about such an important decision, thanks to your incredible expertise and wonderful customer service. I will send every engaged, or soon-to-be engaged couple I know your way and am honored to have Marlene Harris Collection be a part of our lives forever!"


"Marlene- I just wanted to thank you again for helping me find the most fabulous rose dome 'statement' ring! I adore it and had such fun working with you. I can't wait to send Kevin back over to you and you can gently guide him in the right direction :) Your knowledge of jewelry and your store is a true gem. All the best and thanks a ton!"


"Shopping for rings at Marlenes was a definite highlight for Scott and I, and well worth the 3+ hour drive! Her little boutique is jam-packed with a wonderful collection of unique rings. Marlene made us feel welcome and spent time with us although the shop was very crowded (we had called ahead). Dont be surprised if Marlene takes you into a different direction then you had originally intended; unlike most jewelers, Marlene provides true feedback and opinions. We ended up with one of Marlenes own designs and it is spectacular. We just received the wedding ring and it is even more gorgeous that we remembered. Cant wait to wear it!! We also had my grandmothers engagement ring plated with rhodium as per Marlenes recommendation, and it is stunning. Some of the pictures on the website are just not really capable of capturing the beauty of these rings. Go see Marlene, you wont be disappointed."


"Hi Marlene, We picked out our wedding rings for our July 2012 wedding at your store. They are beautiful and go perfectly with my antique engagement ring. I wanted to send you pictures of the rings for your site. Have a great day!"


"I just ripped open my UPS package to find the most perfect ring to add to my wedding set! I have been wanting a band like this to match my (grandmother's) wedding set since my 5 year anniversary, so for almost a year! Thanks to your detailed pictures online it is now on my finger & matches perfectly! It was shipped quickly & packaged for safety. Thank you so much for making it possible! Sincerely,"


"Hi Marlene!! I hope you remember me. My Name is Jay McKenzie and I bought the most beautiful wedding and engagement rings from you for my wife and I. We were married April 30 2011. We now have a baby boy Named River (Born Jan.8th 2013. 7 Lbs 10 ounces!) and we are still very happily married! We just wanted to write to you and send you a few pictures to let you know how much we appreciated you and all you did for us. We get compliments all the time on our rings and we both love to tell the wonderful story of our adventure with you. I hope business is good, we recommend you a lot. Tara and I wish you all the best and pray that God has and continues to richly bless you and your family Marlene. Thank you so so much."

Jay, Tara and River

"I love my new ring! It is perfect! It came this afternoon but I have not a moment until now to let you know. Perfect design and fit! Surprised how sparkly it is. I could not be more pleased. After 15 years it is so fun to have a ring I love on my finger. Yey! Thank you, thank you!"


"Hi Marlene, The ring came yesterday. It is lovely! Thank you very much!"


"I got the ring! Beautiful!! It reminds me sooo of my grandmother who bought this same style ring (in gold, smaller diamond, my brother gave it to his wife) in the 1940s. She was a school teacher in Gardner Illinois and had kindergarten to high school in a one room school house there! She saved and saved and bought this for herself. I LOVE IT! I attached a photo. Of course I cant NOT wear my wedding rings or anniversary ring so it will have a spot right next to them! Thank you so very much, I LOVE IT! I will most certainly recommend your website to friends and family! I appreciate your honesty and prompt service! You are the BEST!"


"Mrs. Marlene Harris, you are a marvelous woman and with the help of your husband found the most exquisite and gorgeous wedding band for my 'mature' fiance' and I cannot thank you enough. You didn't choose the most expensive band in its class for me - you chose what I described and you thought my lady wanted. And you were right. I cannot thank you enough and your site will always be available to me for additional purchases and our highest recommendation. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."


"I received the Rose Ring which I ordered from you, a relative brought it back with her when she came back to the UK. The ring is AMAZING and I am so happy, my girlfriend Rina will absolutely love it, I cannot wait to propose. Everyone who has seen the ring has said its beautiful and they haven't seen it anywhere else. Many thanks again, I wish you all the best with your business."


"Four years ago, when my fiance and I first started dating, we were reading Jack London's 'The Sea Wolf'(1904) for an English class. The story begins with a collision of two ships at sea, whereafter the main character, Humphrey, is scooped up by a seal hunting vessel and forced to serve under the tyrannical captain, Wolf Larsen. Later in the novel, a female character, Maud, inexplicably arrives on board and falls in love with Humphrey. After Wolf Larsen dies, the two lovers repair the vessel, then wrecked on an island, and sail to safety. While reading the book, my fiance and I began to refer to each other affectionately as Humphrey and Maud. Four years later, I still sign many of my notes 'Love, Maud.' And he signs his, 'Love, Hump.' Last week, we drove down to Marlene's to explore her ring collection. We were searching for wedding bands with a history, some story behind them, like our love. Amazingly, we found a ring for my fianc with an engraving that read, 'All My Love, Maud.' We couldn't pass it up. In other words, we found the perfect wedding band for him, a gold and palladium ring with an ornate pattern on the outside and this wonderfully coincidental engraving on the inside. Meanwhile, I found an exquisite rose gold Civil-War era ring with a pattern of ferns (or perhaps palm fronds) pressed into it. It's the most unique, beautiful wedding band, and it so complements my skin tone. Thank you so much, Marlene, for having these perfect rings in stock. And by the way, Marlene is the most patient, honest, helpful, and downright friendly jeweler a couple could ever hope for. We were simply shipwrecked, floating on a sea of indecision about what kind of rings to buy, and Marlene saved us. Thank you!"

Rachel and Mark

"Hi Marlene, We had been shopping at local jewelers, and corporate jewelers for months looking for my now husbands wedding band. Everything we looked at was so typical. We were so excited when we found Marlene's site, the ring we found was so unique and of wonderful quality, I still can't believe how perfect it is. When it arrived (1 week before the wedding) it was just a little bit too small I checked around at other jewelers and they said that they would be able to stretch it at our own risk for $200.00. I called Marlene and she said send it back to me I'll stretch it for $25! Her husband went above and beyond also, waiting for it at the post office to ensure we got it back before the wedding. You forget sometimes how wonderful doing business on a more personal level can be. We are so thankful for the service and quality of what we received. Thank you so much!"

Rachel and Ben

"Good morning Marlene, Just wanted to let you know that my piece arrived safe and sound. It's absolutely beautiful and I love it! Thank you for all your help."


"The ring arrived today, thank you very much it is beautiful!!! Sincerely,"


"Hi Marlene, I want to let you know that I received my beautiful band this weekend. I absolutely adore it and it fits like a glove! Thanks a lot! Best regards,"


"Marlene, The earrings arrived today and they are even more beautiful than I remember - thank you so much! Also - I got engaged last night! So I'm wearing my beautiful ring! I feel so lucky to have met you - thank you again for all you've done for Zach and I. With love,"


"I just got the rings and they look amazing! I am so grateful to have your gem of a store. Thanks again!"


"Hi Marlene, All I can say is WOW! These rings are even lovelier in person. You were right about the detail of the settings. It is so very delicate and difficult to fully appreciate the pictures on line. I am in awe. What wonderful work!"


"Dear Mrs. Harris, Last month you graciously filled my order #WB2503 for a white and yellow gold wedding band like one that had been my mother's. I've had so much joy wearing it, and have remembered you in my prayers. Sincerely,"


"Marlene!!!! Omg it's gorgeous and absolutely love it (got a little emotional)! Thank you so much! Much love,"


"Marlene, Just wanted to send you a picture of my rings! The engagement ring Don had purchased last Oct. and the wedding band we purchased in May. I absolutely love them together!! I've received numerous complements!! Thanks so much for all your help and having such beautiful jewelry! I hope you are feeling and doing well. Best regards,"


"Hi Marlene, I just wanted to tell you the ring is FABULOUS! I am in love with it! Thanks again for sending it so quickly."

Mary Anne

"Dear Marlene, Thank you for such a great ring-shopping experience. We are so happy with our beautiful choices and your expert advice. So many people have heard our story, and we hope you see them soon. With gratitude,"

Karen and Bryan

"Thanks so much... the ring arrived and my husband slipped it on my finger. It fits perfectly... thanks again."


"Hi Marlene, I really appreciate how easy you made my hunt for the perfect antique wedding band. You have such a HUGE collection of jewelry, specifically curved wedding bands which are not easy to find with only a simple yet pretty engraving, not diamonds. I can't believe how you were able to help me decide which ring thickness and curve would fit my ring exactly. Very Impressive!!! Thank you for sending my ring so quickly and wrapping it up so there was no chance in getting damaged en route. I just got my ring today but have already recommended you and will continue to do so. And don't be surprised if you get another call in the future for the matching wedding band to put on the other side of my engagement ring. Take care, it truly was a pleasure talking with you and getting a little glimpse of how sweet you are. Thanks again!"


"Hi Marlene, Hope this finds you well! Yesterday, I received the best surprise in the mail...my wedding band! I wanted to let you know how happy I am! Thank you for your help & patience (when I had given you the wrong size). It is absolutely perfect & only more perfect in person! I'm very excited to wear it! I also want to thank you for your great attention to detail in shipping. The box did not give away the precious cargo inside & was very well packaged. Thank you again! Wishing you all the best!"


"Good Morning Marlene and Happy Monday! I hope you had a fabulous day off yesterday! I just wanted to say thank you for making our visit this past Saturday even better than I had envisioned! It was wonderful to met you and I'm already saving for my next visit! I have my eye on our 2nd favorite diamond/sapphire ring, the platinum, center diamond with 2 square sapphires on each side. I think will look fabulous on my right hand, don't you? (I want to double check with you about your available lay-away. It is for 90 days, right? Marlene, we especially loved the personalized attention you gave us AND everyone who walked into the store! There was absolutely no pressure to purchase, and I really wasn't sure I would be able to find the 'ring of my dreams'! It was a truly enjoyable experience, and I'm so grateful for your knowledge and guidance! I feel I got the most perfect ring for me! I can't thank you enough! And yes, I LA LA LA Love my rings! Well, I'd better get back to work, you enjoy your day! I hope to be in touch with you again-very soon! Thank you AGAIN!"

Laura and Rodger

"Hi Marlene, Our experience at Marlene Harris was so excellent! I came into the shop and spent some time with Marlene narrowing down the rings that I liked. I had it narrowed down to four rings with a clear front runner. Marlene recommended that I bring Jenna in to see the rings so she could try them all on and see what she liked. I let her know that I really wanted it to be a surprise and she responded back with, 'A surprise only lasts a few seconds. She is going to have this ring for the rest of her life. Bring her in.' Like a good man, I followed her advice and brought Jenna in on Friday. We looked at the rings that I had picked out originally and Jenna really liked the ring that was my front runner. Marlene then let us know that a brand new ring just came in and wasn't even on display yet. She really thought Jenna would like it based on observing her taste. When Marlene brought the ring out, Jenna's face lit up and I knew it was the one. She must have tried it on and put it back in the holder 10 times! Each time she put it on, I thought she was going to cry. We decided to put the ring on layaway and I told Jenna I would work to pay it off over the next couple of months. Little did Jenna know that Marlene sent the ring away for sizing and I picked it up a couple days later. This allowed me to surprise her during a camping trip with her family. Shortly after settling into the cabin, Jenna walked outside to find her niece and nephew holding a sign that said, 'Will you marry uncle Dennis?' She turned around to find me on one knee with the beautiful ring Marlene helped us find. It was so special to have Jenna involved in the process of picking the ring and still be able to surprise her with the proposal. I would definitely recommend this to any guy who is thinking about proposing. You really get the best of both worlds. Overall, our experience at Marlene Harris was incredible. She is such a wonderful person with incredibly vast experience. I feel so blessed to have found her because she made our engagement so special and perfect. Thanks again, Marlene! Best regards,"


"Hello Marlene, my ring came today, its beautiful, l love it .Thank you so very much for allowing me to put it on layaway. I look at your web-sight every week l enjoy it a lot. Once again thank you. God bless."


"I have purchased many rings from Marlene and have had nothing but the best experience. Marlene is very knowledgeable on each and every one of her rings. I call Marlene often and she always takes the time to answer all my questions. Marlene loves her customers and enjoys the happiness that her beautiful jewelry brings to them. I would recommend anyone looking for unique jewelry at great prices to check her website or visit her in her beautiful shop!"


"Hi Marlene, I received the ring today and it is lovely!! Many thanks again for letting me do the layaway!..Have a wonderful weekend!"


"Good Morning Marlene, I received the rings around 6 last night. First I opened the pearl, beautiful unique, a perfect companion to my black pearl trumpet ring, then I opened my wedding band, it now comes to life with just adding the diamonds, then I opened my daughters ring, she is just going to love it, I can't wait for her to get it, then I opened the antique amethyst, my birthstone set in just the most beautiful antique setting, and then came the emerald ring. It is just the most beautiful ring,sized perfectly and much wider then I thought. The diamonds surrounding each emerald make the ring glow. I will not wear it to do chores, as you taught me that emeralds are not very hard stones. I feel so lucky to have such a beautiful collection. Feeling lucky, I would like to know if R1742 is available. I look at that ring and think that someone who was blessed and lucky once had that ring and I would love to have it to remind me of how lucky I was to meet you and how much happiness you have bought me!!! Love"


"Hi Marlene received ring from you very happy wife loves it many thanks for you quick response and have passed your web page on to friends and are sure you will receive more orders from us in the UK all the best"


"Dear Marlene, Thank you very much for all of your assistance and expertise in helping me and Ken find the perfect ring. He proposed on 12/20/13 and I happily accepted. I love the ring and you were right, it required no sizing. You are the best! Wishing you the best in 2014. Warm Regards"


"Hi Marlene, I received the ring today and it is lovely!! Many thanks again for letting me do the layaway!..Have a wonderful weekend!"


"Hi Marlene, The ring came this afternoon at work, and I was so ecstatic I wanted to call you right after coming home. Then the clock said it probably was your suppertime! So I'm e-mailing you instead. You were so right about the ring being perfect as a remembrance ring for my mother and my 'other mother (mother-in-law).' Thank you again and again for your wisdom, your artistic advice, and your good guidance with the ring designed by Mr. Webberman. Please convey to him my appreciation for his exquisite talent for design. I treasure his ring, just as I treasured the wonderful women whose lives this ring represents. Thank you, Marlene, for bringing such happiness during the New Year. The ring fits perfectly. Stay strong"


"HI Ms Harris, I ordered the 2 stackable wedding bands,WB*-1128, last week. They came yesterday, fit PERFECTLY and were EXACTLY what I was looking for! You are amazing and now I have a unique set all my own ,thanks to you. I AM ONE HAPPY BRIDE TO BE!"


"Hi Marlene :) It was really so nice speaking with you this afternoon. I LOVE my ring...it's GORGEOUS and so different. It fits me perfectly. This is a ring that is so different from anything I already have and I don't have any rings with a wide band. As I said, each time I twist the band it looks like a different ring with its own unique design. I enjoy wearing jewelry that looks unique. I just know that I will enjoy wearing this ring for many years to come and it will give me a good feeling to think about my sister when I am wearing it. I thank you so much for everything. Take good care of yourself and I will be sure to check out the new jewelry items on your website. Stay well,"


"Marlene, I just received my ring and I wanted to let you know I love it! It's beautiful and everything I was looking for. You were a great pleasure to work with and I look forward to working with you again soon when I pick out the wedding bands! Sincerely,"


"Mrs. Harris, I just received the ring. It is beautiful and it fits perfect. I love it. No one has one like it around here. Thank you so much for your help."


"Good Morning Ladies! Marlene, Marie, Mary Jo and Barb! My gorgeous, super shiny (!) sapphire and diamond ring was received yesterday and I must say, it is just soooooo beautiful!!!!!! I am so pleased we were able to purchase this ring from you! I truly love it! And I must confess, I absolutely love each and every piece we've purchased! The wedding band we picked up this past Saturday is exquisite!!!! Diamonds and sparkles all around! Makes me feel like a princess every time I look at my hands! How lucky am I to have such beautiful choices to put on my fingers every day??!!! The new website is beautiful! I was ready to go to bed last night and thought, I hadn't looked at my favorite jewelery today, so why not now??? I really like the new format and I think the photos give an extremely accurate picture of each piece's true beauty!! The home page photo of the inside of the store is stunning! Marlene, thank you so much for making Rodger and I feel like we are actually part your 'family'!!! You thoroughly enjoy sharing your passion, and the enthusiasm you have for educating your customers is unmatched! I learn something new every time we talk! And you have surrounded yourself with the most caring and helpful employees anywhere! Their passion is very apparent, and we've seen first hand that every person that walks thru that door treated with kindness and respect, and when they leave, they will certainly be more knowledgeable about jewelery than when they entered! And I can speak from experience! I am unabashably looking forward to our next visit! (I honestly am having a really hard time prioritizing the next purchase I'd like to make.....you have too many fantastic choices! The best news is that I can't go wrong with ANY of them!!!!) Thanks again so much!! Happy thoughts and best wishes!"

Laura (and Rodger too!)

"Hi Marlene, I wanted to let you know how very pleased and happy I am with the ring. It's gorgeous, and its finally so nice to have a matching band to my engagement ring. I have been looking for a matching band for about 9 years now so its finally nice to have found it. Also the ring is so lovely just by itself as well. Thank you again for your great customer service and beautiful product. Best regards,"


"Dear Marlene, I am writing to tell you how much I absolutely love the ring my fiancee, Chris, bought from you. It's the one with the small flowers, and although I gave him ideas of a few that I liked, I am so glad he picked this one. It's even prettier in person and it is just the low profile I was looking for. I wouldn't love Chris any less if he had proposed with a ring pop, but this is a ring I will treasure forever and will look forward to passing it down to my children, etc. some day. Thank you again for your time in emailing me last month and for having such a wonderful collection with affordable options. Best, "


"Hello all at Marlene Harris, Received my ring today, it's beautiful. Thank you so much for all your help. "


"Hi Marlene, Thank you so much! I received the ring today and it is BEAUTIFUL. We really appreciate it and will be sure to check your site when we're interested in our next jewelry purchase. Regards,"


"Hello Marlene, I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the ring you sent to me. I received the ring yesterday, my mom's sapphire set in a new filigree mounting, and it is beautiful. Everything I was hoping for and I feel I can wear it every day and think of both my mom and dad. "


"Just a note to let you know I received my ring on Thursday and absolutely love it. Thank you so much, Kind Regards, "


"Marlene & Mr. Harris, Thank you for the beautiful amethyst ring. I am so happy to have it. I appreciate your wonderful customer service & speedy delivery, as usual. Take care & God bless you both."


"Marlene, how fortunate I feel to have had your most personal assistance with my purchases today. my visits to your oh so very special collection always me happy - yet today's expedtion to Blawnox was extraordinary. Thank you not only for your superb expertise, but the personal interactions as well. I left not only with new treasures, but with appreciation for all that we each shared. You are an extraordinary women. I am proud to know you."


"Marlene, I am the girl whose antique filigree engagement ring was lost after thirty years of marriage. I cried, missing my unique ring. My husband and I drove to your quaint shop and he chose a magnificent, sparkly art deco filigree ring for me. It is elegant and stunning, the diamond fiery and eye catching. It exceeded my expectations. Thank you Marlene for not pressuring us and showing us rings within our budget. Your knowledge and patience was appreciated. You are the true rare gem of your jewelry shop. "


"Marlene, I wanted to drop you a note to tell you how please I am with the ring I purchased! It is even prettier in person (and it was beautiful on your website!) I also wanted to thank you for your kindness and insight with regards to my lost ring. I took your advice and picked out something completely different, something that spoke to me, rather than trying to replace something I could not get."


"Hi Marlene, Just letting you know that I received my ring today and it's beautiful! Thank you so much for the quick turn around. "


" Good Morning Marlene & Marie, I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much Mike and I enjoyed our visit to your shop."


"Marlene, I just wanted to take a moment and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness. Yesterday my partner Stephanie and I arrived at your store 10 minutes before closing. You had packed away most of your jewelry and were obviously on your way out the door. Yet, you invited us in, made us laugh, spoiled us with your keen eye, and most importantly made us feel comfortable and accepted. We had spent most of the morning looking at multiple jewelry stores for rings, and every single sales attendant immediately questioned us about when our 'men' would be stopping through. It is hard to put into words how it feels to have to explain yourself to strangers, when you just wish to be in the moment with the person you love."


"Dear lady, where do I begin...your delightful shop...your beautiful, vast collection of all things shiney...your warm, wonderful, engaging personality and marvelous help...and to walk away from all that with the most amazing, gorgeous wedding bands...an unparalleled experience indeed!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!"

Barbara and Phil

"Marlene, The ring arrived today and it is stunning! I love it and Bill seems duly impressed with it! Thank you,"


"Dear Marlene, We have received the ring and it's perfect, Chloe could not be happier. Just sending an email to say thank you very much for your excellent customer service and fantastic jewellery, we look forward to buying from you again in the future. Best wishes"


"Dear Marlene, It was a pleasure working with you to find an engagement ring for my Honey. She is very happy with the choice, and when she is happy, I am happy. Thank you again, and I hope to visit your shop again, soon."


"Hi Marlene, I just wanted to let you know how much we both love the Panther Ring I got for my husband's wedding band. We just returned from our wedding trip to Utah/Las Vegas and it was a whirlwind, fairytale, dream-come-true. And you helped with that. Thank you so much for your kind words when I was a little apprehensive. You are absolutely right- this ring is a symbol of my unique love for my husband and to go with anything other than the Panther Ring would have been a mistake. It's perfect. Thanks again"


"Hello... I just wanted to let you know that the ring got here safely and it is even more gorgeous and stunning and perfect in person. Thank you so much and I'm sure I will be coming back to your business in the future. Thank you, "


"Hi Marlene, I promised to send you the finished product of your beautiful ring mounting on my daughter's finger. She LOVED IT!! The style fit perfectly on her size 31/2 ring finger. So tiny, but an elegant statement. Thank you again for your expert and kind assistance. The wedding is November 26, 2016. Thanks again. Hope you are well,"


"Marlene, We love to tell the story of your artistry, your selection, the atmosphere of the shop, and the conversation we had. What a unique and personal experience! As for the ring, I have received nothing but shock and awe at the intricacy and detail, everybody says Freddie has such great taste! We are so excited to have found you and hope to keep in touch beyond our wedding band needs (I will be back to get these!). Happy New Year,"

Nina and Freddie

"Dear Marlene, Thank you so much for the unbelievable help and out of the box thinking to help us get the ring of our dreams. We will never stop being thankful to you or your unbelievably generous and kind customer for letting us buy one of the rings she wanted to buy. It is truly a special group ladies who work in the store. We can't wait to visit the shop again."

Kelly and Kevin

"Received my rings and they are an exact replacement for my lost ring guard. They are so lovely and I am so delighted that you had them for me. The sizing was certainly well done and they arrived very quickly. I could not have asked for more. Thanks for all your help. "


"Dear Marlene, Ring arrived safely today, and it is gorgeous. Thanks so much!"


"To Marlene, Thank you so much for getting back to me! I am so excited!! Our 30th anniversary is in May. We are coming to Pittsburgh that day with our kids. I am getting my hair done by the same guy that did it on my wedding day. We are going to mass at St. Thomas More, the church we got married at and we are having lunch at the University Club where our reception was held! The new ring completes the celebration. Your jewelry is beautiful and you made us feel so comfortable even in my wheelchair. I think my sweet husband knows where to go now to buy me jewelry! Again, much thanks and gratitude for all your assistance and kindness. "


"HI Marlene, Just wanted to let you know the ring arrived last week with zero issues. It's much nicer in-person than even the pictures showed. I'm very happy with my purchase and your customer service. I'll be popping the question soon! Thanks again,"


"Hi Marlene, I just wanted to tell you how much I love my ring. I fell in love with my great grandmothers filigree ring as a little girl, but it was very old, damaged, and yellow gold. The ring my Fiancee got could not be more perfect! You do beautiful work. Thank you!!!"


"Hi Marlene, Just wanted you to know that the ring arrived on Monday and I'm very happy with it. Thanks for your help. "


"Dear Marlene, The earrings arrived and they are just stunning. This is a lovely and truly fine piece of jewelry that I know Nanny will love and wear often. Congratulations on your exquisite taste and thanks a million for helping me pick them out. "


"Hey Marlene, I received the ring today and it looks great! Thanks for getting this to me so quickly, you're the best!"


"Thank you very much, Marlene, for making my dream to have an antique wedding set a reality. Your approach to customer service is unmatched! I am so happy with my rings and can't wait to come back for more pieces from your beautiful collection. Your store is a treasure trove for those who love antique jewelry, and I am so glad I found it and you!"


"Hello! This is Amy in Wyoming. I received my ring today and couldn't possibly be happier with it. Marlene you are amazing. Have a wonderful weekend. And thank you very much again."


"Marlene, Thanks for making our wedding even more special with your jewelry! We hope you continue to provide joy to couples all around the country."

Anthony & Julie

"Marlene and her staff are so friendly and truly make you feel so comfortable while you are shopping for engagement rings and wedding bands. When my fianc"

Andrea & Steve

"Marlene, It was a truly magical experience! We absolutely adore my vintage wedding band set. Sending love and light your way. All the best to you and your husband!"

Evan & Lindsey

" Hi Marlene, I received the ring today and I just LOVE it! It is so beautiful and it fits me perfectly. It is a ring that I will enjoy wearing every day after I am wed on Valentines day."


"Hi Marlene! Just a note to say the two rings arrived and are just gorgeous. Thanks again. I'll definitely be a repeat customer. You are so pleasant to deal with. Best,"


"Hi Marlene, I figured you may want an update, or maybe not, but since you've been doing this for so long I imagine you like to hear some details :) but thought I would share anyways. The proposal went perfectly, and she absolutely loves the ring! It was a great choice and I'm so happy I went with you/your shop. Thanks for answering all my questions and making great suggestions! Her and I have horses, and I asked her on a horseback ride in one of the most unique areas of WA state, The Columbia River Gorge, and we rode to a winery afterwards to celebrate with our friends and family. Thanks again so much, take care! "


"Hi Marlene, The ring is so beautiful, Marlene! Thank you! "


"Dear Marlene, Thank you so much for selling us our engagement and wedding rings. We get so many compliments on how unique they are! Going to your store was one of the most fun highlights of our wedding planning. We hope to be back soon."

Christine and Jack

"Hi Marlene, The ring arrived fast. It is so pretty, even better than the picture, fits perfectly & comfortably. Thanks so much for the help long-distance & over the phone. "


" Marlene was fantastic!!! She went above and beyond with not only helping me find my wedding rings but also getting my vintage engagement ring fixed before the big day!!! We'd highly recommend her and her store. "


"Hello, "I have been a jewelry lover since childhood. I found my favorite ring mountings (filigree) on The Marlene Harris collection webpage. This led to my contacting her, and I'm so glad I did. The rings are beyond beautiful, but Marlene is a jewel herself. Her prices are reasonable, and she is one of the most honest, helpful, trustworthy, friendly women I have ever met. She gives special attention to every detail and follows up immediately on any change you want to be made. A buyer gets the feeling that she wants you to be completely thrilled with your purchase, and I for one was elated with both my mountings.. Marlene and I became good on-line friends that I will depend on for my jewelry from now on. These are Marlene's own words and she lives by them: " I treat my customers like I would want my own children treated." What a fabulous attitude and reputation to be known for." "


"Marlene, I had to describe how pleased I am to have this lovely ring. It feels so good every time I look at it. I so appreciate all you've done in helping me have it. "