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Advanced Search Tips
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Our website search engine is a powerful and flexible tool to help you find the exact piece of jewelry for which you are looking. Here we've listed a few tips and tricks that should help you in your journey to find the perfect piece of jewelry!

By adding a + before a word you specify that the word MUST be in the description.

For example, if you are looking for a ring that is a wedding band from the Victorian era you would enter +Victorian, +wedding band. This would guarantee that both of your search words would be included in the item description.

If you are looking for a specific phrase such as wedding band simply put the phrase in quotation marks like this "wedding band". This will enable you to view all wedding bands on the website regardless of category.

By placing a - before a search word you can ensure that the results returned for you search do not include that word. For example, if you are looking for an antique engagement ring but don't want to include the antique style (modern reproductions of rings) simple enter +antique, -style, +engagement. You can further refine the search to include or exclude gold or platinum with additional + or - signs before the desired words.

If you are searching for a piece that may have an elongation of a single word, you can use a * tagged to the end of the word to more specifically target your search. For example, many pieces of our jewelry are set with aquamarines. In the descriptions, the stone may be listed as either aquamarine or aqua for short. To bring up all the items with words beginning with aqua in the description simply enter aqua* into the search box.

Of course, each of these tips can be used together for an even more refined search. For example a search for +"yellow gold", +antique, +diamond*, -style, +engagement would bring up yellow gold engagement rings that are antiques (not antique style) with either diamond or diamonds in the description.

Additionally, many web browsers have a "find" option that will bring up specific words on a webpage. By pressing Control + F on both Firefox and Internet explorer you can bring up the "Find" tool. Simply type in the word for which you are looking and the browser will show you each instance of that word on the current web page.


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