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Cuff links of a wide variety of styles and eras can be found here. Men who appreciate a stylish, classy look can find something here to accent their attire.

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Image for Item # CF192
# CF192
A single diamond is set at the center of these oval art deco 10K yellow gold antique cuff links. The face of each link measures 3/4" by 9/16”. Circa: 1920.
Image for Item # CF199
# CF199
Crafted of 9K yellow gold, these antique cuff links are rectangular in shape. Featuring a grid type pattern each face of the cuff links has a white gold design down one edge. The art deco cuff links measure 5/8” by 7/16”. Circa: 1920.
Image for Item # CF182
# CF182
Triple lines of round garnets are set in these antique style vermeil cuff links. Each cuff link holds 21 individually set garnets. The faces holding the garnets measure 11/16” by 3/8”. Circa: 1990.
Image for Item # CF234
# CF234
This exceptional antique stud set is crafted of 14K yellow gold and platinum. The faces of the cuff links and studs are ringed with intricately engraved platinum and feature pearls set in black onyx. The Edwardian cuff links measure 1/2" square while the smaller studs measure 1 1/4" in length and 1/4" square. Circa: 1910.
Image for Item # CF204
# CF204
A strip of ornamented white gold runs down the center of these antique 10K yellow gold hexagonal cuff links. The hallmarked art deco cuff links measure 9/16” from one point to the other. Circa: 1920.
Image for Item # CF139
# CF139
These 14K yellow gold art deco cufflinks are round in shape and each is set with a single white pearl. An ornate “S” link connects the vintage cufflink’s two halves. The discs measure slightly over 14mm in diameter. Circa: 1920.
Image for Item # CF193
# CF193
A single pearl set in the center of black onyx which in turn is surrounded by a ring of platinum provides the ornamentation for these antique 14K yellow gold and platinum cuff links. Each link face measures 9/16” in diameter. Circa: 1900.
Image for Item # CF169
# CF169
Lines radiating out from the polished centers add ornamentation and geometry to these antique 14K white gold cuff links. The cuff links measure 1/2" in diameter. Circa: 1900.
Image for Item # CF209
# CF209
A single diamond ornaments the center of each of these 14K yellow gold retro-modern cuff links. Each link is crafted in a knot design and measures 1/2" in diameter. The vintage cuff links also measure 1” in depth, perfect for thick French cuffs. Circa: 1940.
Image for Item # CF230
# CF230
These elegant Art Nouveau cufflinks are fashioned of 14K yellow gold and decorated with an elaborate array of curling organic figures. The antique cuff links measure 11/16 x 1/2". Circa: 1915.
Image for Item # CF164
# CF164
This antique mother-of-pearl art deco stud set is made up of two cuff links and three studs (as per the wider and fewer placement of holes in older tuxedo shirts). The face of each stud and link is octagonal in shape, covered with mother-of-pearl and framed by an engraved white gold edge. The body of the links and studs is crafted of 14K yellow gold. The cuff links measure 9/16” in diameter while the studs measure 5/16” in diameter. Circa: 1920.
Image for Item # CF147
# CF147
Intertwined initials adorn one face of each of these 18K yellow gold art deco cufflinks. The vintage cufflinks are circular in shape but display an octagon inside the circles edges. The cufflinks faces each measure 1/2” in diameter. Circa: 1920.

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