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Marlene Harris has a stunning collection of antique watches, fobs and chains designed to capture the beauty of the imagination.

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Image for Item # WP102
# WP102
This 14K yellow gold antique watch pin is worked in the shape of a wreath. An amethyst and a single diamond are set in the center. The hook on the back of this chatelaine pin was used to hold a lapel watch. It measures 7/8” in length and 3/4” in height. Circa: 1930.
Image for Item # WP104
# WP104
This antique 14K yellow watch pin has a polished surface with a highly decorated center. The center is crafted in three dimensions and is engraved. A single diamond is surrounded by hand-chased spheres and a black enamel invert scallop star. Circa: 1870.
Image for Item # CH116
# CH116
This antique 14K rose gold watch chain is elegantly styled. The elongated rectangular links are smoothly polished and are connected by oval loops. Both the clasp and clip on this art deco chain are in excellent working order. The chain measures 13” in length and 1/16” in width. Circa: 1920.
Image for Item # WP106
# WP106
This antique art nouveau heart shaped watch pin is crafted of 14K yellow gold. Inside the heart is the portrait of an angel’s face in profile with wings flowing out behind. The pin measures 1” in height and 3/4" in width. Circa: 1910.
Image for Item # WF112
# WF112
This phenomenal antique art deco watch fob is made of 10K yellow gold and illustrates the transition from the art nouveau period to the art deco period. The watch fob is long and uses an interlocking oval design with four separate panels to show the elegance of this piece. The lower part of the fob is engraved with initials. The fob measures 5” in length and approximately 3/4" in width. Circa: 1915.
Image for Item # CH105
# CH105
Fine wire polished 9K red gold balloon links give this watch chain strength, durability and grace. The antique Victorian chain measures 43” in length. Circa: 1870.
Image for Item # F115
# F115
This elegant 14K yellow gold watch fob is engraved with elegant ribbons and a simple circle in the center features a monogrammed engraving LHK Jr. The back of this fob is polished smooth. The piece measures 1" diameter, 1 3/4" long. Circa: 1920.
Image for Item # WP101
# WP101
This antique watch pin is crafted of 18K yellow gold. The hand-chased top features a lightly textured surface that catches the light. The hook on the back on this chatelaine pin was used to hold a lapel watch. It measures 1” in diameter. Circa: 1890.
Image for Item # W109
# W109
This round vintage watch is covered in green enamel dotted with pink roses and green leaves. A broad band of emerald green enamel wraps around the center of the watch. The attached 10K yellow gold chain is fashioned of alternating round and oblong links and measures 22" in length with a 4 3/4" dangle. The captivating watch measures 3/4" in diameter. Circa: 1940.
Image for Item # CH115
# CH115
Polished twisted rope links give this antique 14K yellow gold watch chain an elegant feel. The chain measures 36” in length. Circa: 1895.
Image for Item # WP109
# WP109
This gold filled antique watch pin is worked into a bow-like shape. A beaded pattern runs vertically up the center while a flowing, polished gold look is contrasted with recessed texturing. The pin measures 1 1/4" in width and slightly less than 1” in height. Circa: 1880.
Image for Item # WP113
# WP113
A twisting rope/knot pattern winds its way around this gold filled antique art nouveau watch pin. Initials have been engraved on the central plaque. A fleur-de-lis crowns the top. The pin measures approximately 1 1/4” in height and 1” in width. Circa: 1910.

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