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Image for Item # CHAT117
# CHAT117
Deeply engraved leaves grace the front of this sterling silver scent bottle. A flourishing monogram is on the back of the bottle and a long dabber is integrated into the cap. The bottle is hallmarked and has a small chain. The cap has a small ding in it. The bottle is 3 1/4" tall, 3/4” wide and 1/4" deep. Circa: 1890.
Image for Item # WP103-CHAT
# WP103-CHAT
Black enamel, texturing, dangling chains and a flower with leaves are all features found on this antique 14K yellow gold watch pin. The central flower is crafted in three dimensions giving the pin an even greater appeal. It is a phenomenal piece with exceptional detail. The chatelaine pin measures slightly over 1” in diameter. Circa: 1880.
Image for Item # CHAT132
# CHAT132
This antique art nouveau chatelaine has lovely matched pieces. An angel crowns the chatelaine along with flowing scrollwork. The powder and scent bottle are crafted out of sterling silver with black emaux peints French enamel. There is a hook for a purse as well. Circa: 1910.
Image for Item # CHAT112
# CHAT112
Guilloche blue enamel tops this antique sterling silver chatelaine flirtation mirror and powder. It is in pristine condition and is hallmarked. It is from around the turn of the 20th century. It measures 3 1/2" tall and 2” wide.
Image for Item # CHAT125
# CHAT125
Magnificent engine turning is one of the most spectacular features of this art deco 9K yellow gold match safe. There is a Greek key design around the border. There is a hallmark on the inside edge. It is meant to be worn on a chain or chatelaine. It measures 1 5/8” tall, 1 1/2" wide and 1/4” deep. Circa: 1920.
Image for Item # CHAT101
# CHAT101
The decorative and colorful champleve enamel waist plaque attaches to the waist with a brooch pin rather than a waist hook. The appendages are a wonderful enamel perfume,an enamel vinaigrette, a brass memo pad with an art nouveau lady's head, with an attached pencil, and a brass button hook. Circa: 1910. It is in fine condition.
Image for Item # CHAT133
# CHAT133
An ornately engraved “M” is surrounded by appliqué tri-colored leaf work on the top of this graceful gold filled antique Victorian powder finger chatelaine. There is a mirror inside. Circa: 1880.
Image for Item # CHAT119
# CHAT119
Meant to be worn on a chain or chatelaine, this antique sterling silver emery has an entwined scroll design. Since needles were precious, ladies would use an emery to sharpen their needles in order to give them longer life. Sewing was a big part of their lives. It measures 3 3/8” tall, 3/4" wide and 1/8” deep and is hallmarked. Circa: 1880.
Image for Item # CHAT142
# CHAT142
This magnificent antique scent bottle is unusually shaped and crafted of sterling silver. The top of the bottle has a twist to lock design keeping the top securely on. The chatelaine bottle itself has wonderfully ornate detailing showing incredible craftsmanship. The bottle has a slight ding on the lower portion. The bottle measures 3 1/4" in height, 1 1/4" in width and measures 6 1/2” in length when the chain is included in the measurement. Circa: 1840.
Image for Item # CHAT141
# CHAT141
This antique sterling silver art nouveau coiner chatelaine dangles from a belt buckle pin. A lovely repousse design covers both the coiner and the elongated connecting link. The coiner is spring loaded and perfectly fits a dime inside. The entire piece measures 3 1/2" in length while the buckle pin measures 1 1/2" in width and the coiner 1 1/8” in length and 7/8” in width. Circa: 1910.
Image for Item # WP110-CHAT
# WP110-CHAT
This gold filled antique art nouveau watch pin is crafted in the shape of a heart or butterfly or a combination of the two. The gold is hand-chased to create a textured look. The pin measures approximately 1” tall and 1” wide. Circa: 1910.
Image for Item # WP105-CHAT
# WP105-CHAT
This antique 14K yellow gold watch pin is crafted in the shape of two interlocked hearts. The tops of the hearts are adorned with repousse designs. The pin measures 1” in width and 3/4" in height. Circa: 1890.

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